Monday, March 21, 2016

Catch Up

I see I haven't posted in a few days again. 

Went to lunch with some friends Friday, had a shrimp salad and let me tell you it was great. The shrimp were huge but it was more than I could finish and it was expensive. If anyone wants to go again I will have to refuse that kind of lunch is not in my budget.

I finished washing the windows Sat. and went through the kitchen camping boxes. I was hoping to eliminate one but then it would be to heavy to handle. I'll go through it again to see what else I can eliminate. I am only going to bring one plate and paper bowls and 1 fork and one spoon plus maybe a wooden and a small and larger knife. Everything is small sized since it's just me.

Sunday I went to breakfast with my daughter Tracy and then to Best Buy to check out tablets. They didn't have what I wanted so I will check out Walmart tomorrow.

Later in the afternoon my daughter Debbie and SIL stopped by and put up the new blinds. I am really happy with them. Since they are 2" they let a lot more light in when open. I made them Italian Spinach sandwiches and they were happy.

Today I framed a few more pictures and hung them up and did a load of laundry. 

Good Night All


  1. I got rid of one pot I was using it was a larger pot I just never need one this big, since now I have a metal bucket I can place right on the burner to heat water so don't need the big pot anymore I am keeping the glass lid tho its very useful and fits my small fry pan. I have my kitchen "kit" down to ONE drawer in a plastic 3 drawer storage cabinet. Eating out is very expensive anymore, thats why I cook for myself even when traveling...I will pull in somewhere and get in the back and make my lunch or if a rest stop is handy perfect place for a lunch. Is it this Friday you are heading out?

  2. If you want to save doing dishes use paper plates and bowls. When you are finished your meal you put them in the fire because they are non-toxic or in the garbage.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. Hi Sondra,

    I used to carry a bigger pot too. If you are camping with others then they have thier own stuff anyway. That lid thing and frying pans drives me nuts WHY don't frying pans come with lids? I am leavign this Thur. but not bringing my laptop as I won't have wifi, I'll try to do small posts on my phone. I have been nomidated to do a 7 day photo post for my solo women group, so I may have to buy some time on my hot spot. I really hate doing that. I will stay at the same camp ground but will drive to other places to check for the spring wild flowers.

    Hi Rick n Kathy,

    I would rather wash the one dish than carry paper plates for this trip, however my bowls are paper. This trip is to see how well I fair with my back and my camper shell

  4. I love shrimp but don't have it often. I rarely eat out because it just costs too much - even the inexpensive places can add up, and I'd rather eat at home. When I was on the road last year I ate at Denny's the most because they are just about everywhere, are't too expensive, give you a good choice, and it tastes more like home cooked for me. The waitresses are super friendly as well.

  5. As I'm outfitting my camper, I'm trying to pack things that have multiple uses. I'm determined to stay completely organized!! Pats to my friend, Fred!

  6. Hi Gypsy,

    I love shrimp too and I had a talk with my Dr. last week as we reviewed my new food choices. We talked about fish and he said shell fish are very high in fatty things and not to eat to much fish is fine and to be careful of to much salom as they are bottom feeders and have some no so good things in them. But I do like to eat home as I know what I am getting. the Denny's here in town are aweful but the one up in the White Mountains is great.

    Hi Nancy,

    I bet your really enjoying setting up your new camper.They have come out with so many great space saving things these days folding bowls and stainers in all sized, I picked up a few since they take up hardly any room. I wish I could find something soon but if not it will just have to be the truck.

  7. We both love shrimp. Hubby has gout.... should not have shrimp. He says he will just have to suffer the gout, being a Cajun and all.

  8. Hi Phyllis,

    I love shrimp and can eat it all day long, but since I have to watch that stuff and it is so expensive I can manage to keep it at a low.