Sunday, March 12, 2017

A Little Outing

Tracy and I went to Jerry Bob's for breakfast this morning.

It was time to take a ride looking for flowers. We hoped on I - 19 and headed for Madera Canyon. We didn't see many flowers along the way and it wouldn't have mattered since you can't just pull over. Even after getting off the freeway we didn't see flowers. So we just kept going up the mountain, we spotted some snow way up on the top and pulled over. They didn't come out so sharp as the haze hadn't burned off yet. 

I'm not happy about the haze in this but it was taken from a very long distance. I was wondering what the spiky things were so I snapped the picture and yep they are trees oh and snow too
 This is the road the picture was taken from to show how far up the mountain those trees and snow are. 

A well hidden bird nest and some fruits starting to come out
This is the ugly open pit mines in Green Valley this picture was taken with full zoom open
This just regular no added zoom
I love the bark on these trees they haven't started to bud out yet. This is on the road to Bog Spring Campground
I had posted this picture before but now they have had to cut off the top I would love to know what caused all the deformation
The water was running really fast with all the snow melt up in the mountain tops
I tried to post a video  but it would play

There are lots of Humming birds up here and they sure were busy at the many feeders at the Gift Shop

These were the only flowers we found this may have been a seed left from a bird it was deep in the crevice of the rocks
These were in a planter outside the gift shop

Good Night All


  1. Really nice pictures, Jo. We have flowering trees everywhere the last couple of weeks, and I'm surprised my allergies aren't bothering me so much this year.

  2. What a great outing you guys had, makes me want to See Mountains!! I'm gonna take a guess and say your hummer is a violet crowned female, just due to the beak being pink all the way but the tip is black. Awesome!! We had snow on the weekend!! Yep about 2 inches of soggy wet snow it's all gone now but cold as heck today! It will hardly get out of the 50's had a hard freeze last night and another expected tonight! I hope it doesn't kill the azaleas and dogwoods that were just emerging.

  3. Hi Gypsy,

    It felt great to get out and take pictures and to find then right away. It was all do to my own error that I couldn't find my pictures what a DAH moment that was. Tree pollen here is very high and everyone is suffering.

    Hi Sondra,

    this has been a really strange season to say the least. I hope the Azaleas and dogwood survived the freeze. I wish I could have gotten more hummers as there are so many different kinds up there, and yes you are right about the violet crowned. They are so hard to snap a shot at as they are so fast. And it was so packed with people to much movement going on. This is where I want to spend a few days maybe during the week and using my tripod I will have better luck.