Thursday, April 27, 2017

Day Trip

While the fire is still raging and is at 45,000 acres they did have a break in the wind today. I haven't seen an update of the latest containment if any for today. And now there is another fire in Phx. area. Doesn't look good for fire season this year.

My cousins are here from NJ and will be leaving on Friday. So Jo-Ann looked up Bisbee after  we talked about it and they all thought that would be a good day trip.

We made a pit stop in Tombstone for a little stretch and then I wanted to show them a very old cemetery I found a few years ago while sight seeing. No not Boot Hill lol.

Then back on the road to Bisbee. The weather was just gorgeous with a slight breeze. I knew right away breathing was going to be a problem so I told them to go ahead and we could meet at the coffee shop. 

I took some pictures and it started to get a little hot on that side of the street so I walked over to sit in the shade and talked to some really  nice folks. Then wandered into the coffee shop for a nice Chia and went and sat outside and people watched .

This was found at the old cemetery in Tombstone
 Found this at one of the plots
 Some grave markers are just plain and made of simple items as some of these people were very poor. There are many graves that haven't any markers or they are long gone.


 Smoke in the distance from the fire
 Entering Bisbee

 Lots of pretty flowers in this garden. 

Old Adobe house built right off the side of the mountain. This is how the homes were built some have been refurbished but most just  fell to ruin

 Old early mine shaft

 Does anyone know if this white flower is on a tulip tree?

 While they took pictures of us I took a picture of them
 I wish I had a program to take out these stinkin wires
 The first time I spotted this guy he was dragging a trash can and singing at the top of his lungs. He was wearing a long tattered skirt. But this is what makes Bisbee, Bisbee

 And then to the end of our visit the must see Lavender Pit

Good Night All


  1. We ate lunch at the Cooper Queen Hotel a few years back with my HS friend who now runs a B&B in Tombstone. Thanks for the memories.

  2. Beautiful flowers and a very interesting town! Thanks for sharing some of the town sites with us. I hate to hear about the fires going on out there, and I do appreciate the updates on them since I live so far away.

  3. Hi Phyllis,

    I thought the Copper Queen was starting to show her age. But I was happy to have been able to make the trip

    Hi Roadrunner,

    They managed to keep the fire from burning some homes and out buildings but today was windy again and tomorrow there are warnings for very high winds again. There are a few more fires burning in other parts of the State doesn't look like it's going to be a good year for fires.

    I love the town of Bisbee, lots of history there the town was started in the 1800's.

  4. WoW so many awesome photos...Bisbee looks like a fun spot to visit for sure...I'd love to see that cemetery! The tulip trees I see in SC are usually pink and tulip shaped flower.

  5. Hi Jo! What a wonderful trip! It sure looked like fun. I loved the flower pictures. Are you sure that wasn't my drone buzzing around. Just kidding. :) It sure looks like you had a good time... Those pictures were neat!

  6. Bisbee looks like an interesting place. Chief Nino Cochise sure had a nice long life! Great photos.