Monday, April 24, 2017

Wind Fanning Flames

The winds blew hard today fanning the fire to 7500 acres and 35 people have been evacuated. Ranch animals have also been evacuated to the Fair Grounds in another town. Tomorrow they predict more high winds. Containment is only at 7%. Not much hope in holding this fire back under these conditions.

If people would only learn if you smoke put your cigarettes out in your car ashtray not out the window, if you make a fire make sure it is out DEAD OUT. Of course they have not found out how it was started but it is human caused since there has been no lightening anywhere in the area.

Good Night All


  1. When I was a camp host at Lassen Nat'l Park a few years ago, I used to go around and check all the fire pits of the campers who had left. I couldn't believe how many of them had burning embers in the fire pit. Some times they were flaming up by the time I got to them, and I had to start bring even more water jugs with me to put all those coals out. I just couldn't believe the stupidity of some people.

  2. right now Im at San Padre Island the wind has been steady at 35-40 mph since my arrival...I can only imagine how a fire would grown under heavy wind! I hope it gets contained soon and no body loses their homes.

  3. Hi Gypsy,

    It is unbelievable how ignorant people continue to be about fire. They must think that if its in a fire pit it won't go anywhere. Just irritates me to no end. Lives are lost, animals lose there habitat and them become a problem and suffer further.

    Hi Sondra,

    Yes the winds are causing a huge problem they have been 20-30 mph and gusting at 40 or more.
    No containment yet.

  4. Wow! I live in Alberta, wildfires are a horrible thing, and in some cases totally preventable. I agree about how ignorant people can be...drives me crazy daily. Hope the fires are under control now.