Sunday, June 18, 2017

Getting Bored

This morning my daughter and I went out for breakfast and let me tell you everywhere was packed because of Fathers Day. Which I hope all the dads and single moms who played both rolls had a wonderful day.

We couldn't even leave the windows down in the truck because the heat was already up. But we ran to Walmart just to pick up a few things. When we came out of the store the heat hit you like a nasty hair dryer blowing the hottest air in your face. 

We then headed back to my house where it was cooler but I had turned the thermostat up to high this morning so it was about 80 in the house. Tracy didn't stay very long since the a/c in her black car doesn't work. That poor kid.

I have been watching this baby hummer in the mornings and I sure hope his mom is still looking after him. I know it's a male because it is starting to get his ruby throat feathers. But he doesn't seem to get the idea of how to use the feeders. He flew to one as soon as I hung it but it was only water. I watched him do this a few times so I switched it around with the sugar one. But he flew to the plane water one again I know it was because of the bright red and was looking on the top of the feeder where there isn't any thing. OK this little guy needs some help. I took the feeder down and took it into the house and made some sugar water for that feeder also. I wasn't out there today and by time I changed it over yesterday it was way to hot to sit out and see if he figured it out.

Since it was 110 today I don't know how cool it will be in the morning but I hope to have my coffee out there and maybe see if he has figured it out or I'm afraid he will die.

 I thought I had things figured out for this heat and staying home thing. Well while I make myself do some things I am not ready to start painting or doing some of the other projects I had planned. Even though the house is nice and cool for some reason I just don't have the desire to do much. I think part of the problem besides the heat is that I have all the blinds closed to help keep out the heat and makes the house dark. I don't want to turn on lights as you can even feel the heat off the lamps bulbs. 

Good Night All


  1. I remember the summer we spent in AZ and how bored we were. We watched four of five movies a day from the library just to keep our sanity. And even if it's cool inside, your body still reacts to the heat.

  2. I hope the baby hummer gets the idea and figures out where the food is. Gonna be a hot one all around this year, that's for sure!
    Stay cool, my friend!

  3. Sounds like you are getting cabin fever. Not much better here as we battle the humidity. Yesterday I cleaned the house to to bottom. If it didn't rain everyday wed go to the lake.

  4. Hi Sandie,

    I remember when you had to stay because Jim was ill. I sat out for awhile this morning and even trimmed up a succulent and planted it in another pot. But by 9am it was already close to 100 so that ended that. Puttered around a bit but like you said even though its cool in the house it still makes you lazy.

    Hi Jim,
    I think maybe he got the hang of it I saw him a couple of times and maybe his mom too. Yes it is going to be a bear this summer. Even up in the mountains it is in the 90's and I wouldn't have A/C so its home bound. Going to do my best to stay cool and you do the same my friend.

    Hi Sondra,

    I think tomorrow I will start another closet clean out that should keep me busy for a little while. But on top of everything else my allergies are awful. Mesquite trees are full of that yellow pollen. Oh well life goes on.

  5. I've decided that I'm going to do only the bare minimum while it is this hot. I got up this morning and washed the pans and skillets I used yesterday when it was just too hot to mess around in the kitchen. Since I live alone I can do what I want and don't obsess on anything if I can help it!