Thursday, June 15, 2017

Water For The Birds

The mornings are still really great. So I have been taking advantage of them. I set up some watering stations for the birds. I have a young hummer that isn't quite sure about the feeders. I always have one with sugar water in it and I have seen a adult or two going for a drink. Yesterday I hung a feeder without sugar for the other birds and this little mite went right to it but I guess it didn't know what to do and flew off. I saw him do that again this morning so I moved the sugar feeder to that side. I hope he gets the hang of it soon or he may die. I know it's a male as he is getting his ruby colored feathers on his throat.  I also hung one at the other end of the porch without sugar. I moved the pretty bird bath my granddaughter gave me to another place closer to the bushes on the property next door hoping for more shade. Also used the plastic pans the are used under pots to fill with water. These birds will need all the help they can get. 
The temperature reached 105 today and it is very dry. The temperature will rise steadily for the next week and they still aren't sure how high it will go but they are thinking around 115. In the early morning when I get up I open the door and some windows as it is really cool because of the dry air. It's nice to get some clean fresh air in the house. My computer room is on the east side and I usually have to close the window and blinds by 8 am. The porch is on the west so I can leave that open until around 9:30 am. And that is when Fred and I have to go in and close up the rest of the blinds. 
By 4 pm you can start to feel the heat more in the house and I have to lower the thermostat a little more.

Tomorrow morning I will make a very early run to the grocery store for a few things and get back home.

Good Night All


  1. That is wayyy too hot. You sure are right the birds will need all the water they can get...we are in the middle of a string of stormy days so we're getting lots of rain, it helps cool it off but the humidity is up there! Try n stay cool!

  2. Hi Sondra,

    Oh its hot alright and it will get hotter as we reach the weekend and now they are talking about 117 for some time Monday or Tuesday, I sure hope they are wrong. But this morning I ran to the store and picked up a few things to get through this mess.

  3. Do you e ver have a problem with feral cats hanging around your bird feeding/watering stations? I would love to attract some birds to my place as the hummers have disappeared, but I'm afraid anything for the birds will attract the cats. Amazing, but I no sooner typed those words when I looked up and saw a hummer come up to my empty feeder. I quickly brought it in, washed it and refilled it. I always thought you had to boil the water for them but recently read it can be plain old tap water, so I got the feeder re-hung very quickly. Now to see if any more visit my porch!

  4. Hi Gypsy,

    Yes I quit feeding the birds because of the stinkin cats and one belongs to a neighbor I called and told her if I catch that cat she will never see it again. I also reported it to the office. Cats are supposed to be tethered here just like the dogs. We went through this with her before and she didn't like it one bit. But I do leave water and sugar water for the hummers everything is up high enough I hope to protect them