Thursday, June 1, 2017

Yet Another Week Gone

I have been looking into plans to hopefully get up to the mountains.
Been checking out some hotels for a couple of days after doing a couple of days of camping. More research in needed.

Tomorrow the temperature will be in the mid 90's and then triple digits for a week and who knows what they will be then.

I got Fred's vet things out of the way and he got a great check up and a 3 in one shot. Also picked up a years supply of Heart Guard.
And they trimmed his nails because the groomer is on vacation until next week. I'll take him there end of next week for a good bath.

I made the cloud bread again and it came out a little fluffier than the first batch but if I am going to make them I think a mixer may be needed I have a hand beater but it takes a long time to get the egg whites stiff. But I sure don't want to be buying anymore stuff.

Good Night All


  1. Hope you get to take a trip I know you've been itching to go for a while. The weather here is on and off with rain, then sun, then back to rain. This past week was pretty good no total washouts to where I couldn't get anything done. I've been trying to get my new "patio" in shape.

  2. Did more research today and have to make a call tomorrow to a friend in Lakeside. Campgrounds are packed and also need a reservation. Called on today and they charge $18. for a tent site and $10 to reserve it no discounts. I guess I will take my chances and just go up and see what I find. I can always park for a couple of days in someone's yard and then if nothing comes up head back home

  3. At least Fred will be ready to go!

  4. Hi Gypsy,

    Really been doing lots of phone calls and research on the internet for places to go. Looks like everyone is heading for the pine country these days. But yes Fred is ready.

  5. On off nites at motels most of them will give you a discount if you ask.

  6. Hi Trouble,
    Thanks I'll look into that. But it is the high season up there