Saturday, January 13, 2018

Large Isn't It

The header pictures seem to get larger and larger all the time. I remember when there was a place to click to make them smaller. It was there and then it was gone.

Anyway not much going on around here. The temperatures are good but the wind is awful. So not doing much out door stuff.

Been trying some new low carb recipes and so far they are really good. My cousin said to try pinterest and boy did that start some trouble. One of those alerts came on with all kinds of threats. I couldn't do anything and had no intentions of doing anything they wanted. I put a call into Geek Squad and waited and waited and then it all stopped what ever it was doing and I was able to proceed. I deleted everything that popped up and did a real scan with my virus package. It cleared up everything and now all is fine I hope. 

Have a Great Day


  1. You did the wisest thing not doing what those Pop-ups were saying. Most times they are full of viruses.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. I have never gone to Pinterest and with what you went through I probably never will. Glad you were able to fix it yourself.

    Have a good weekend.

  3. I like your new header it has wonderful warm colors...I like Windows Defender to run in the background all the time it blocks a lot of bad stuff. We've had some weird weather from one extreme to the other!

  4. Hi Rick n Kathy,

    Yes I learned the hard way about those stinkin pop - ups.

    Hi MsBelinda,

    I have been looking for new low carb recipes and my cousin said she gets lot of them off Pinterest well I don't know what I hit to cause that mess to happen. I have other ways to look for them and I'll just keep using them.

    Hi Sondra,

    That picture was taken at sunset here in Tucson at Gilbert Ray campground a few years ago. I think I have Windows Defender running in the background maybe that is what kicked out the virus or what ever that was. Then I ran a full virus scan to make sure nothing was there. Yes the weather has gotten weird starting last year. We haven't even had our winter monsoon season

  5. I've never used pinterest or instagram or any of those things. I run a full scan every week just to make sure. Been a quiet year so far for us too.

  6. Hi Sandie,

    Google is just about the best way to find anything so that's the way I will look for what I want.My compurter is set up to do auto scans but if I feel there is a problem I run a double scan. Quiet is Good!