Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Kinda of Moving Along

Took the truck in yesterday all was well. They said I should have the transmission oil cleaned and filters replace so we will get around to that the first of the year. Left the deep cycle battery for  over night trickle charge. Picked it up this morning and they put it all back together and I showed them my little heater they said it won't draw much off the battery. So off I went.

I was thinking of maybe using my cot instead of dragging the other bed back out. This way if it just doesn't work out I won't have to drag that heavy bed out again, plus I can do this myself. 

I went to drop off some donations only to find out the place wasn't there anymore. I called and they told me where they moved to so I guess that's another thing on my to do list. Must get that done as the stuff is in the truck already.

Last Thur. I went for my flu shot and I haven't felt quite right. None of the symptoms are like the flu and I checked my blood pressure and it is a little high. I called the Dr.s office today and she said to go back and check it again. They told me the shots were much stronger this year and people are having a range of problems but it is  still high tomorrow to call back and they will try to squeeze me in. So I will sit for a while once I get in the building and then test it as the COPD may also have a bearing on it since your heart rate is higher from the stress of heavy breathing. And to make sure my feet are flat on the floor not up at an angle on the bar under the seat. This getting old bit is really no fun at all.

Thur. my hvac guy is coming to get the heater going, we will start to get pretty chilly in the mornings now. I just want to be able to take the chill out of the house for a shower.

Good Night All


  1. I have been getting the super senior flu shot for a number of years and I had a bigger reaction 3 days after getting the injection this year. Usually have some reaction but not like this year. Hope you get over this soon. At least these super shots are good for a year and not seasonal like the regular one.

  2. Nice that you are getting ready to head out, and Hope you are felling better soon.

  3. Jim never ever reacts to the flu shot but this year he did. His arm was sore for several days and he felt lousy. I, for once, didn't have any problems. Keep an eye on that blood pressure.

  4. Hi Emily,

    Been looking for a post from you for a while.
    Yes they said this flu shot is super strong, but it has thrown all my counts for a loop.

    Hi George,

    Thank you sure is a strange reaction this year.

    Hi Jim and Kathy,

    Yes this was a weird shot this year. My arm hurt and reddened, but it's how it has throw all my counts off. Even my sugar is higher not liking that one bit. Sure happy you fared well.

  5. I've never taken a flu shot, but I don't normally get colds or flu's maybe because I steer clear of crowds so that helps keep me away from germs! Hope you can get out there and camp and enjoy yourself!

  6. Hi Sondra,

    I think shopping is the big problem with flu and cold germs even though I always carry hand sanitizer the germs are in the air. But if this is going to be the outcome from this new shot I may pass on it next year.

    I tested out my inverter today and it doesn't work that's what you get from cheap. I'll have to order a better one.

  7. We both got flu shots and no negative reactions. I usually have a sore arm for a few days.... that even that this time.

    Just take care of yourself girl. True getting old can be a hassle .

  8. Hi Phyllis,

    Went to the Dr. today he thinks the shot wasn't done right, the shot needs to go into the muscle and he thinks it either it wasn't deep enough or not at all. So going to take meds for a week and go back to see if it goes down and also the blood sugar levels also go back to normal. Next year I will have it done in his office. Oh the joys of it all.