Tuesday, March 12, 2019

It's Baaackkkk

So happy we got to go camping last week. Because winter is baaaack. The temperature dropped and has just been dropping since.
Last night the rain started and it rained most of today and it was about 49 degrees for the high. And they say more of the same tomorrow and then it will dry out and the temps should start climbing again.

I sure hope so because I really want to try and camp up at Madera.

I put up a nice pot of veggie soup today this weather calls for it. Did up some laundry and got that put away. But still need to go through the stuff in the camper and put the clothes I used back in. Noticed I need to refill some lotions and other things that I used while out. 
I had hoped to do grocery shopping today after therapy but it was just to nasty and as I neared the store it started to rain again. So just kept going towards home. Right after I backed into the carport it really started raining again so that was it for out door activities for today. Hope I can catch a break in the rain tomorrow and do the shopping.

Good Night All


  1. Hopefully you'll get the chance to get out to shop tomorrow. With this crazy weather you just never know!

  2. Enjoy the cooler temperatures because you know those hellish triple digits will be here in no time flat.

    I hope you get to camp at Madera. I knew that with the cooler temps you would be whipping up one of your wonderful soups...it is a shame I can not do the same :-(

  3. Yes this weather is real crazy, but at least we were warmer here than you but ha the rain. Nothing like a good homemade soup.

  4. I saw it on the weather report...hopefully its the last hurrah of winter! Here it is cold but clear and sunny so far, but by Friday more rain coming. Madera is def a coveted campground. Don't forget there is always the cow pasture where I camped while I was there..lol, it was not exactly what I had in mind.

  5. Hi Jim my Friend,
    I'm looking out the window and boy those clouds look full of more rain. Sun is trying real hard to break through. But even if it is raining well the coffee supply is looking bad so go I will.

    Hi MsBelinda,
    Boy isn't that the trueth, No spring here just flat out boiling summer after winter. I don't care how cold it is but the rain is another story.

    Soup is one of the easiest things to make. Buy a container of what ever you prefer, beef, veggie or chicken, get a bag of frozen mixed veggies, celerey, carrots and any other veggie you like and of course onion and throw it all in a pot add salt and pepper to taste, maybe parsely. I use a crock pot but you can use a pot on the stove. and let it cook. Oh and if you want chicken just use legs or thighs. A croc pot is great you don't have t stop and stir or worry about burning. Once you smell that soup you know it's done.

    Hi George,

    Yes it is warmer where you are, I guess the rain as state wide but the mountians are covered and that is so pretty. And of course the soup yummy and warms the insides all the way to the heart.

    Hi Sondra,

    Like I said I don't mind the cold but oh that darn cold rain is another story. They had asked about that off grid place and I told them about your experience, lol they said never mind.

  6. The locals around here can't believe the constantly changing weather.
    Be Safe, keep Warm and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  7. Hi Rick and Kathy,

    It has been a strange winter for sure.

    Hi Phyllis,

    I guess we will just plunge right into triple digits as usual.