Monday, March 18, 2019

Weeds You Say

Each day I watch the weeds growing like crazy. But because of the winds I couldn't spray. So this morning while it was only a slight breeze I got out there and sprayed. But of course as soon as I got started the breeze started to turn into a wind. But I managed to finish and just in time as it started to gust and I ran out of spray. Off to Lowe's tomorrow after therapy which I will really be needing after today.

I manage to do a little organizing in the shed and I need to get so much stuff gone from there.

After coming in the house and cleaning up it was time to start cooking all the veggies I bought when I went shopping. Diced up lots of stuff to make stuffed peppers. I made 2 different stuffing's since I made 2 peppers which I cut in half length wise. Also made asparagus and I still have more to make of them also. Plus I need to make a few zucchini dishes. 

Other than that not much else has been going on. I'm watching the weather to see about another quick get away. But seems we might have another cool down coming. Not to bad but the nights will be to cold. Maybe in about 2 weeks I can get out.

Good Night All


  1. Good luck with getting away again always nice to enjoy new scenery. You are cooking up up a storm.

  2. Did you use a commercial spray on your weeds or the homemade recipe? The homemade recipe did not work for me.

    Wish I could make myself cook more often. Stuff peppers would really hit the spot.

  3. I would also like to get out and spray a slope in my yard but due to knee problems right now am not able to move around very well, let along a rock covered slope. MsBelina, I tried the homemade recipe, several in fact, and none worked for me either - maybe just too tough of weeds. Hear the desert flowers are really starting to appear, wish could get out to see them.

    1. Thank you for your comment Emily, I thought I was just doing it wrong. Hope your knees feel better soon so you can go outside and enjoy the blooming desert flowers.

  4. Hi George,

    I'll just keep watching the weather to see when I can make a quick get away. Yes the produce hasn't been very good lately so I cook it up as fast as I can and freeze it. Makes for good quick pack in the cooler too.

    Hi MsBelinda,
    I tried those home made things and they didn't work. I use Spectrcide (sp) have used it for years. I have to buy more today just did a walk around and some are dying some look just as green as before they were sprayed nasty things.
    I did not put any meat in the peppers just lots of diced veggies some had black beans and they all had barely. Stouffers puts out nice stuffed peppers.

    Hi Emily,

    Sorry to hear about the knees, had both mine replaces a few years ago. But with age comes lots of new pain problems and other things. Nope the home made sprays did not work for me either

  5. Yup.... time to start that yard work again.

  6. Hi Phyllis,

    I was early for my appt. so went across the road and picked up more spray. Hope tomorrow will be wind free so I can go back out there and spray more.

  7. Spring is trying to arrive, but still cold at night here and we need the heat on. Cold wind and rain going on here today. Have a great week.

  8. Hi Sondra,

    Looks like we won't be dipping to low but we are still having wind. Can't get much yard work done and it needs to get finished. Enjoy what's left of this week .