Monday, July 15, 2019

Is It Almost Winter Yet!

We started to have some monsoon action these past few days. Some great thunder and lightening with pouring down rain. Lanterns at the ready and battery powered fans set too. Hope we won't need any of it and if so not for any long length of time. 

You here people say how nice the rain cools down things. Well not here when it has been 109 for a couple of days, yes while it's raining it cools down but once it stops the heat off the grown and the humidity make it suffocatingly hot. 

I had to go shopping this morning so I got out as early as I could. Of course took me longer to shop as usual and it was so hot by time I got home and brought in the groceries I had a hard time breathing. It was only 11 am and 101degrees. So got my nice cold water out of the fridge an sat for awhile. Then put the groceries away. Sure hope I don't have to go out again for at least a week.

I really need to get Fred to the groomers his nails are way to long and he could use a nice bath. I also need a hair cut. I will call for an apt. for Fred and let my hair cut go for a while unless it cools down HAHA what a joke.

All the added window treatments seem to be doing a pretty good job. The only time I raise the a/c is when I ride my bike and then turn it back down. Even with the fan going it is hot. I am doing my 8 miles so I'm pretty happy about that. I ordered a  padded seat cover which has helped in the comfort and less sweating, and added a small pillow to the seat back that fake leather is really not comfortable. Now I can ride in more comfort. I will take it slow working toward more miles.

Good Night All


  1. I can identify with everything you mention. While our temperatures are only in the low 100's the heat indexes are in the 105 to 108 range. I have always wanted to go to South America during the summer months as it is winter there, unfortunately, I do not have the budget for it.

    I am in awe of how many miles you are logging in on your bike daily...keep it up!

  2. Not long and winter will be here and we will be heading south again. At least you do have air conditioning to keep you cool.

  3. Hi MsBelinda,

    I know you are having the same conditions there. I had so hoped to be up North for the summer but is just never seems to happen. And of course now with the monsoons I would be stuck inside the camper and it is way to small for that. It would actually be better for my budget to be gone up north with all the free camping sites or really cheap because I don't need hook ups. I'm still hoping it happens.

    I'm also in awe of my bike riding even tho I have to really push myself some days to get there. It just makes me peddle that much harder. Thank You

    Hi George,

    Maybe I will get more camping in when winter comes as then I can go closer to home. Some people only have those swamp coolers in this humidity they do not work and only add that much more humidity the air in the house.

  4. Hope your Lanterns are battery powered LEDs. Safer than the Flame type and cooler.
    As suggested before break your time on the Bike in Two shorter bursts. Now that you are doing Eight Miles start with Two Five Mile Rides.
    Be Safe and Enjoy staying cool.

    It's about time.

  5. Really hope no power outages for you...its way too hot for that! I got my yard work done early and still I had to immediately hit the shower when I came in soaked in sweat. I ate an entire half watermelon, it was the most refreshing thing ever! You rode you bike 8 miles!!! Kudos for you.

  6. Hi Sondra,

    We had a short one today but it wasn't storming an I hadn't even noticed as I was reading my Kindle. But when I was going to refill my water cup I saw that the digital clocks were blinking LOL
    It's no fun out there doing yard work but at least you got it done. I had to go out and pick up after Fred and that was awful enough. Thanks for the Kudos on my 8 miles.

  7. I'm in absolute awe of your mileage. I'm going to start going to the gym tomorrow but will probably walk on the treadmill as I never was good on a bike since I was about 10 or 11 yrs old.

    I'm taking Rocky for grooming and nail clip this Saturday. His claws grow so fast, and they don't like to clip them short because his nails are totally black and they have trouble seeing the blood vessel to avoid. I am going to demand they cut them short this time. He is cutting me to ribbons so I'm not going to be concerned about him.

    The moon is so beautiful tonight and it finally got cool enough to sit outside. I'm going to take a beer outside and sit on the deck looking for the man in the moon! Think I might find Ms. Belinda;s tall weathered cowboy?

  8. Hi Gypsy,

    I don't think I could ride a regular bike these days I would more than likely fall off and break something. I was looking at a manual treadmill on maybe I will get that next. I know you liked going to gym before so happy your going back again.

    Fred's nails are black to and sometimes she clips the vien it isn't her fault as I wait to long but she has some stuff that stops the bleeding right away. Plus he is such a cry baby anyway. He likes the groomer but not what she does LOL.

    I wanted to take pictures of the moon but the skeeters just love me. Enjoy your beer and say high to the man in the moon for me.

  9. Hi Jo! I understand about the heat and humidity thing. It's terrible in Iowa right now. We had some rain and it feels like it turned to steam. At this time of then year the vast corn crop releases billions of gallons of water back into the air each day. I feel your pain. Oh, I wish we had the desert dryness for a while!

    Take care! --- VT

  10. Hi Brad,

    Yes once it rains it IS like a steam bath here too. We only had 2 evenings of rain and that was it so far. They said next week it will come in, well they said that about this week last week. Guess I'll just sit tight at home and do early morning stuff and then putter around the house until late August.