Tuesday, October 8, 2019

A Little Of This and A Little Of That

Been trying to get some things accomplished so I can take off for a few days camping. I was hoping to go this week but then it heated up into the 90's again to hot. So looks like starting Thur. the temperature's will drop into the mid 80's with night time in the high 50's  perfect.

I ordered some sporks from Amazon and there was a pk of 6 with one really nice storage case. I gave 2 to my friend as I only wanted to carry 2 with me. The coloring on them is from my Fall center piece

So out I went to the tote and removed lots of flatware, don't know why I had so many pieces in there. But one of my granddaughters is getting her own apartment so I will give her the set that was in the tote. I did leave a butter knife and sharp knife in there I don't know how sharp this knife on the fork is.

Today top todo was to get the truck cleaned it was filthy. It had been full of dust and of course it rained just enough one day to make it a real nasty looking mess. So that was my first stop. They had a special 1/2 off on the better cleaning so I went for it. As the truck came out I thought I saw some marks but then when they finished wiping it off I didn't see it anymore. So on to my next stop Harbor Freight. As I was pulling into the parking space I had trouble seeing out of the side window. It looked all smeared and so did the dash. As I got out of the truck I noticed all these fat streaks on the side panel and door, as I walked around the truck I noticed this stuff everywhere and on most of the windows. I guess when they dried it off the truck was in the shade and now it was in full sun. So I picked up my purchase and went back to the car wash. Two guys came hurrying out and I said look at this mess. They said OH sorry we will rewash the truck for free, like did they think I would pay to have the truck rewashed! Anyway they ran it back through and it looks really good now. But of course the wind started blowing like crazy soon after I got home and they say it will be really windy again tomorrow. Guess I'll go dig out my duster.

So my purchase at Harbor Freight is a Cen-Tech 4 in 1 Portable Power Pack. It can do everything I need it for plus jump start a battery and air tires. I wanted the Jackery but it is so far out of my budget I just couldn't see myself going for it. I have 90 days to see if I like this and if not I can return it. So right now it is charging as it takes 48 for the first charge. So I'm glad I bought this for this camping trip to see how it goes. Of course I forgot to take a picture.

I was also supposed to stop at Lowe's to pick up the insulation for the cooler. But after the second turn at the car wash it was getting pretty hot so I'll just go tomorrow morning.

 I discovered a beautiful male Costa's humming bird that roosts on my porch every day. I'm sure it's to chase off any other hummer that tries to drink from the feeder. He used to fly off when I would let Fred out but he got used to him so he just stays sitting there now.

 It was pouring down rain this day

 Sorry the pictures are really bad hope it isn't the camera and operator error

Good Night All


  1. I am sorry that you have to once again postpone your camping trip due to the high temperatures. It was nice of you to share your new utensils with a friend. I buy food at Stripes year around so when I am ready for Terlingua I have a lot of plastic cutlery that way I do not have to wash it since water is precious in the desert.

    Whatever happened to people taking pride in the job they perform? Glad you took the car back to them for a re-do.

    We are just weeks off from having a Harbor Freight in Del Rio...I can hardly wait! I need several tarps for my trip to Terlingua but I do not want to have to pay for shipping.

    I hope you post pictures after you insulate your cooler.

  2. Nice that you got that power pack hope it works well for you.

  3. Hi MsBelinda,

    I have plenty of plastic but it is not good for the environment. But we do use it for holiday gatherings so it will be used then. When I get take out I now request no plastics. Yes water is precious but I don't use much.

    I don't know what happened at the car wash I think it was a problem with the waxing part think the wax was way to thick and just didn't distribure right but for them to no realize that as they wiped down the truck is wrong and once it got on the rag and they just kept using the same one they spread it everywhere.

    I was happy to have Harbor Freight come to this side of town they have 2 other stores but they are quite far away. I get what your saying about paying for shipping it would cost more the the price of the tarp.

    I'll try to remember to take pictures of the cooler and the power pack.

    Hi George,

    I'm hoping it works out to. Thank You George

  4. I like the sporks! Good idea. And so happy you are getting to go, it will be nice...our weather is good now..and I hope soon I will be making some plans also...Your Costa shot is wonderful...I would love to see one! The battery Pak sounds perfect I hope it works out good for you. Crossing my fingers ofr your Thursday blast off!

  5. Hi Sondra,

    The sporks are pretty cool. I had wanted to buy them off of some guy on YouTube but it wouldn't convert the price to USA funds and it was a paypal deal which I refure to do. I'm going to leave Monday so I can hopefully find a space. You know how small the camp ground is, hate to drive all the way over there and not find a empty spot. I would love to get a picture of the hummer in full sun his coloring is so beautiful. I asked my friend to come check out the battery pack to make sure I charged it right. The directions are a little weird. Hope you can get off somewhere soon

  6. Hi! I like the sporks idea! I carry plastic forks, knives, and spoons and it gets expensive. I've been thinking about Walmart el-cheapo silverware.

    Those jump start things are really cool! A friend of mind had me help him with one the other day and it did a great job!

    I hope the camping weather moderates for you. It's getting kind of cold in Iowa.

  7. Hi Brad,

    Glad you like the sporks. Yes the plastic gets expensive and if you boonoc you have to carry out what you carry in. At Walmart they have individual stuff which is better that a complete set. But of course I found a service for 4 in my tote and individual pieces LOL took them all out

    I'm hoping to leave Monday for a few days. Can't wait.