Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Staying Busy Is Key

Today I did my first online grocery shopping. You always think you have everything you need but... I did need a few things like I really was missing my fresh veggies. It is a minimum order of $30. well that isn't very hard to do. I spent $78. including the delivery charge. I can't believe that there isn't any sanitizing cleaners or sprays. Oh well I guess I will find out how to make some.

My daughter Debbie, got on line at a store here at 6:40am and was able to buy TP and picked up some weed spray at ACE. Thank You Debbie. My grandson Anthony called the other morning to see if I was doing OK and if I needed anything as he was running errands and was  a couple of blocks from me at Safeway, I said I was good and then he started laughing and said I'm glad there is a line outside the store but he would have gotten on it if I needed something. He said it looked like they were only letting so many people in at a time. Thank You for checking on me. I know not everyone has someone to look after them but find the help you need in your area, help is out there.

I keep hearing and reading about people whining about being bored and have nothing to do. PLEASE! I can't believe these people can't find something to do around there homes and if they have a yard. 
I have cleaned kitchen cabinets packed up items I do not use, filling 3 boxes for donations. Cleaned the inside windows. Today my yarn came and I started to crochet a little at a time. I have books to read and a host of other things to do. Some days I cook up a few meals to freeze.  

I still see many people not taking this seriously. Up until a few days ago neighbors  were congregating out in groups and believe me they did not distance themselves from each other. Since yesterday I have noticed that this has stopped but for a few.

We need to follow the rules of the Drs not trump. If we all follow the Drs. advice we can stop this Covid-19. Stay home if at all possible, find stores that will deliver, there are companies that will pick up your orders at the store or food place of your choice. Yes they charge but what is worse than paying for this service, sickness or possible death?

OK rant over but listen to the real folks out there and stay well.

Good Night All


  1. I think part of the problem with people getting bored is they've never had a hobby. I love to read, crochet, sew and do crafts. I've been retired for 20 years now and can always find something to do to pass the time.

  2. Well said but sometime one just has to do things on their own.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. I have used Walmart pick up for about 5 months. When they started that service here they had 7 spots. A few months back they upped it to 15. I attempted to place a order a few days ago. Would not accept as every spot and every time slot was filled for the next 7 days. WOW.

    Luckily son and DIL who live about 20 miles from us always ask what we need (never much) and get it when they do their shopping. Both them and my daughter to PA FORBID us from going out into the public. We understand..... Len has both heart and lung condition.

    Like you, I am doing some cleaning. Yesterday I wiped down kitchen cabinets with Murphy Oil Soap. The day before I steam cleaned kitchen floor.

  4. Hi MsBelinda,

    Thank You!

    Hi Grannt_J,

    That is so true, I have a family member who is always bored but refused to learn a hobby. I tried so many times to teach them things but no.
    I also love to read and I just started to crochet again just yesterday as I had to give it up due to arthritis, I still have it but found these wonder gloves and they seem to work. I'm so happy Plus I have other things that I do.

    High Phyllis,

    WOW that is one busy Walmart glad you have some one to help out. When I first tried to order on line with Walmart they didn't have delivery. My daughter gave me a few companies that would pick up for you and deliver to the door. But yesterday when I went to do and order they had added delivery so I lucked out. I understand how your kids feel about you and Len going out into public.

    Yes we can always find things to do. It may take me awhile to get physical things done. When I start to have a problem with breathing I sit and do something with my hands or read. Lets face it we have plenty of time. LOL

  5. I'm a bit bored because I put my darn back out doing too much stuff around the house. Now I have to "take it easy" for a few days and let my back recover or it will get worse. I'm not one to watch much TV so I'm catching up on emails and doing some reading.

  6. I am completely isolated so I'm not going to worry about my housekeeping - I'll just do the minimum!

  7. I am staying clear of people when Im out and about...I just hope they don't put a Stay at Home order on us, cause I go out to my favorite birding spots where no one is anyways! If I have to go in a store I stay as far away from anyone as I can and I am keeping a bottle of alcohol in my van to wash my hands when I get back to my van...I don't see how we can keep this up tho...the regular flu killed 80,000 in 2017-18 season...and no one stays home when they have a cold or the flu's crazy. I heard today that this virus could hit every year.... Viruses will always be here we can't hide's a scary time for humans!

  8. Hi Connie,
    Yes you sure have been busy. Take time to heal.. Catching up on e-mails and ready sound like a good way to rest.

    Hi Gypsy,

    I'm not trying to impress anyone just giving me something to do and not get bored.

    Hi Sondra,

    That is one thing I don't understand is why they close these trails. I can see the VC and restrooms since they don't want to send Rangers out to clean. And as long as people understand the distance plan then why?. I found a dried out clorax wipes container and poured alcohol in it. I have big containers that are pretty full but this one seems to have gotten shoved to the back of the cabinet why waste. Yes I was thinking that the other day about that bad flu that went around and no one stayed home. I think the big problem with this one is finding a vaccine. Well I hope by time I run out of things to do it will be safe to out and about.
    Stay safe and hope you can still go birding