Monday, September 14, 2020

It Was Wonderful Then Not

 The weather had cooled down so nice but the smoke was just awful for many days. So stayed locked up in the house again with the A/C running but at least not as much. It is now hot again but the smoke is not as bad.

Adam's team lost the first game on Sat. by 4 pts. they played a really tough team and one of the guys looked like he was about 6.7 if nothing. But they played well agianst them. Sunday they won by about those 4 pts. I was lucky to be able to watch it on YouTube. 

This morning I get a horrible call from my daughter Debbie and she was crying so hard I couldn't make out much but fire. She finally got the words out that her apt. was on fire and she was heading home from work. The dog was in the apt. Someone got her out but she was unconscious it must have been the fire dept. and they worked on her and gave her oxygen. Those guys go above and beyond and they saved her. My grandsons girl friend showed up and rushed her to the vet where they kept her most of the day and she is fine. 

But the apt. and everything is a total loss. All she had was her work clothes on her back. Her girlfriends showed up and stayed with her until they let them in to see what could be saved and there was nothing. Red Cross came right away and gave her $250. gift card so she could get some clothes, shoes and personal hygene things. She will stay with her friend tonight and the apt. manager will have a place ready for her tomorrow. Her son Adam flew right home to be with her and get her settled. That kid takes such good care of her.

They said the fire was electrical that started in the kitchen. Her stove is gas so it wasn't that. It could have even been in the wall so it may have been burning for some time. She left the house at 6:30am for work and said she didn't smell anything. It was so sad to see the pictures of the complete damage. It really upset me to not be able to go to her but my breathing issues are not very good right now and to smell even more smoke would have only added to the her problem.

The love and support that is pouring in for her is unbelievable. Her granddaughters mom Pauli, has a storage locker full of furnature that she gave her. Once we see what all is there we can take it from there. Pauli was with her all day and into the evening at Meagans house where Debbie will stay tonight I live really far from that area so she didn't want to stay here because of her job. But they gave her a couple days off to get settled into the apt. Friends have been putting money in her bank account and checks are coming here in the mail for her. And she does have some savings so she will be fine, its just the shock of it all. She said she is just numb right now.

Good Night All


  1. I am so sorry to hear about your daughter Debbie but thank goodness they were able to rescue her dog and that the community and her friends have been so supportive.

    When someone goes through such loss it does wonders for them to be able to have the love and support of their family and friends. Good for Adam for flying back home.

    Please do not feel bad about not being able to be by her side. I am sure she would not want your health to be compromised and it seems like she is going to be alright even though she might not feel like it at this time.

  2. Trying to see the good in such a horrible disaster is really hard. But then the selflessness of people shines through from the fire fighters saving the pup to those who have their arms around your daughter. Sometimes a terrible thing helps us realize what is truly important. Starting over is so hard.

    And I agree with MsBelinda - you need to take care of you so your daughter has one less person to worry about. She knows how much you love her.

  3. Glad Debbie and her dog are safe. Things can be replaced but not lives.
    We know what it feels like looking at the stars through your kitchen ceiling.
    Be Safe.

  4. Oh I am so sorry to read of Debbies situation. But I am so glad to read of so many people being there for her. People are good. We have to remember that.

  5. Thank You Everyone for your kind words.
    Yes memories are always in our hearts and minds but lives cannot be replaced.

  6. Sorry to hear about the fire but so glad to hear Debbie and the dog are ok.

  7. OH My how awful...Im so happy the community and friends and family are chipping in, Hopefully she will be resettled into a new unit soon. I really think If my house goes up and I survive I will get a tiny house and put on my land...just go ahead and downsize!!

  8. Hi Connie,

    Thank You

    Hi Sondra,

    Thank You!

  9. A home fire is so tragic. This happened to my brother; so very hard for them with three children for years afterward. They had no kind friends to step in and help

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