Friday, October 16, 2020

Thought It Was Over

I sent in my Voting Ballet and glad that is done. Can't wait for this to be over the adds are really getting annoying and are none stop. And if they aren't enough now it's Medicare and Ins time. GRRRR

Have been working at getting the porch cleaned up so I can at least have my coffee out there in the mornings now that it is much cooler. Ordered a new fun patio rug as the old one is just that old and dirty. They will call me when it comes in and I can pick it up.

Had a big pile for trash on Tue. again and more than likely again this coming Tue. Then move on to packing up donation things.

My last grocery order was a total disaster from Walmart and someone got $130. worth of free groceries. The so called store manager was so rude I couldn't believe it when I called to see what happened to my stuff. The order should have been in 8 - 9 am I didn't get it until well after noon and they really screwed it up. Didn't get half of what I ordered and was still charged for those items. I wasn't going to let them get away with that and contacted customer service. Finally after almost a week I contacted them again. I have now been given a refund. I will not order from them again. I ordered from Fry's this week and everything went off great. We shall see.

Well we thought it was going to cool down and start acting like Fall. Thought this stinkin heat was over, they said it would be 96 F today, it was 103 F if this keeps up the nights will nolonger be cool and the A/C will run all the time again. The mornings so far have been great up until about 11 am. But we shall see if this heat continues the mornings may not be as nice. Tonight on the weather they said it looks like maybe another 2 weeks before we see real Fall weather. This has been the hottest summer in many, many years. It wouldn't hurt my feeling none if it left NOW!

Well guess that's about it for now.

Good Night All


  1. Good for you for sending in your voting ballot and fulfilling your civic duty.

    One would think that Walmart with all the people that order from them would have gotten it down pat by now. A manager being rude to a customer is completely unacceptable!

    I am not on social media but I know you are. In the news, they tell us to make a complaint on their social media page where they are more likely to respond since they do not like to hear about negative customer experiences.

    I hope your temperatures soon come down to reflect that we are in Autumn.

    1. I think it is an independent company that assigns drivers to deliver the food. When the guy showed he new right away that he did not have the right order as he has delivered here before. He said he had the right order and the guy told him no that isn't it and made him put the order back and take this other one. So I waited for about 2 hrs and finally called the store. She had no right to get nasty with me so I got nasty right back I believe that either she or who ever she assigned to pick this order was done with spite as the the things that got pulled were not even close to what I wanted and some meats just didn't get pulled but I was still charged.

  2. We order from both Frys and Walmart pick up and have only had minor issues. I ordered chicken gravy and got turkey. No big deal. But other wise we've had good luck. Glad you stuck to it and complained til you got a response. We've only been back a month and I am sick and tired of this heat. It seems never ending.

    I know Springerville might be warmer but the reason we are going anywhere is so Jim can fish for walleye. And it will be better than down here.

    1. Hi Sandie,

      I have had only minor prolems in the past but this was bad. I don't mind little things like that and I try to remember to click donot replace. But when you order meats and we know they aren't cheap and you don't get them but still are charged is a bit much.

      Have you done much camping up in the White Mountains before? I miss it so much. As for the walleye I have no idea which lakes have them but OH the lakes up there are so beautiful and good fishing in most. And yes Springerville is still better than down here.

  3. I have not tried the grocery delivery thing...but I see the people in the stores getting the items into bags pushing these big blue carts around they dont just pull ONE person's stuff they have a cart with 3 shelves, and each shelf if filled with bags so it must be very they go around to get the right thing in the right bag.
    We finally have cooled off again after the rains came thru once more...nice n sunny..hope you get some of the fall weather soon. It's actually too cool to sit out and have my coffee in the mornings...but I have been sitting out in the afternoon when Im done for the day...Have a great weekend.

    1. Hi Sondra,
      I think the bins are to seperate items not seperate orders. But this was just bad and I don't think it was the pickers fault it was the one who assigns the deliver drivers. Anyway it just was a bad day.

      I'm so glad others are finally into Fall. It has to come soon here doesn't it? It's still nice for you to be able to sit out at the end of your chores. Enjoy your weekend too.

  4. 39 here this morning. Had to finally turn on the heat.

    I have been doing Walmart Pickup almost since they started the program. Never once had an issue. Loaders are always great. Well pleased. I guess it really depends on the store. I can't blame you for giving up on them.

  5. Hi Phyllis,

    There have been a few hickups along the way but the past few orders have gotten worse and this one just topped it off. I don't like the way it was handled and paying for meat that you don't get is not acceptable at all. The drivers are wonderful people. Maybe they changed managers

  6. Thankfully I've never had a problem with the Walmart in Freeport, Illinois. Now that I'm on the road, I hope I don't run into problems at other Walmart's.

  7. Hi Connie,

    This was going well until the last 3 orders. Others have said they haven't had problems at other Stores so I have changed stores. Hope you have continued good luck now that you are back on the road.