Sunday, September 5, 2021

Fun Family Time

We had a great lunch with my grandson and my great grand kids.

After lunch we came back to my place as I had been telling Anthony about not being able to load pictures anymore  from my camera. So he worked on it and figured a way for me to work with it. Just hope I can remember how to do it. While we worked around programs we were shocked at how many double even triple some files were. So after they left I went through and deleted about 300 files until my fingers were numb. I'll get back to it another day. We have no idea how this happened as it wasn't like that before. Thank You windows 10 biggest piece of garbage ever!

Then he hung my new blind up for me in the computer room. Things I used to do with such ease just doesn't happen anymore. Anthony told me that's why I have him a phone call away. Love that kid, always looking out for his old nana.

Playing around taking pictures 

Anthony Jr. who just turned 10 last week 

Should have used the flash for this one. Arriana and Jr.

Had 2 huge storms roll in this afternoon. Pouring down rain and lots of thunder and lightening. Guess the monsoons are going to stick around for a bit longer. I know we are still in a drought but we are pretty close to being OK . But I just wish the humidity would go away already. Guess you can't have everything.

Good Night All


  1. Hi Jo, so glad you figured out how to load your photos...It is a learning curve for me too, and after all the trouble with flickr I had to figure out how to use Google photos...Your ggrands look super sweet glad you had good family time. I am facing having to let go of things I just can't do anymore its HARD...TC

  2. Hi Sondra,
    I hope I can remember how it works by time get out to take some pictures. Thank you the kids are really good, he does a great job raising them. Yes it kind of stinks when you can't do what your used too.

  3. We people of an certain age need to know if we have a tech question, ask a 10 year old!

  4. Hi Phyllis,
    Yes that is so true!