Monday, September 20, 2021

Monday, Monday

 Seems Monday's are my run days. Well I really don't run. Got out the door by 9 am and headed for the dreaded Super Walmart, to pick up Fred supplies and  just a few other things. Then off to Safeway to pick up my Trelegy and yes its still $160. for a 1mth. supply and no I haven't hear a word from any of out wonderful Senators Mark Kelly or Kirsten Sinema, about what to do about Midecare which seems to be at the root of the high price of Medication and the reason you end up in a donut hole or otherwise known as over your limit for medication funds.

Anyway picked up some fresh produce and found a cashier lucky me, since they also want you to do a self check out, not happening. Then headed off to the post office to mail a card out. I will have to go back tomorrow to mail a small pkg to my friend of 50+ years for her Birthday.

Guess that's about it since life is so exciting around here because we are still running 100 degrees. But I have to admit the mornings are beautiful and I need to clean up the porch for my morning coffee.

Good Night All!


  1. I made a Walmart run yesterday but I did self checkout. Only two items so not worth the lines at the two checkers. Ridiculous. The cost of meds are out of sight. Alingvwith just about everything else. I'm sure glad to be back and our temps are only in the 90s. Beautiful mornings like you.

  2. Hi Jo, Ouch on that medication...that is a huge chunk...Im sure you tried the Good RX discount and all that. Im going to send you some info I found that may help.
    We are dealing with rainy weather now and have been for about 6 days while these tropical systems move thru....I have a backlog of outdoor chores that need my attention...Hope it get it done. I always do the self checkout cause I like to bag my own. Im a control freak. Hope your week is good!

  3. I'm several years away from Medicare but I got a taste of dealing with it when I was taking care of Dad. So many rules to navigate through and some seem outrageous and complicated. I'm still in northwest Illinois. It's cooler now and the landscape is beginning to change to my favorite color - autumn! I hope you get a cooldown in your area soon!

  4. Hi Sandie,
    If I only have a couple items I will use the self check out but it really makes me angry that more people are being put out of work. Yes meds are out of this world with prices along with everything else. Glad you made it home safely.

    Hi Sondra,

    Good RX wasn't any help either, this is a very expensive med. and they all know it works so well that they can charge what they want. Of course our government could care less that medicare is ripping us off.

    Hi Connie,

    Yes it is outrageous how they make you jump through all the hoops and no one really wants to help. Sounds like you are going to see a beautiful fall soon. So happy for you, maybe someday it will cool down here to.

  5. We have been fortunate with cost of meds. We both have Humana as our Part D provider. Len has two very costly meds. One is 16,000 a month, the other is 4,000 a month. They get delivered each month from a specialty pharmacy. Humana pays over 11K for one and all but 142.00 for the other. UAB connected us with foundations that pick up the rest. Our cost per month 0.
    At 100 I would not be spending much time outside. But morning porch coffee is always welcome.

  6. Hi Phyllis,

    WOW those are expensive meds but you seem to qualitfy for so much. I have tried every avenue but get nowhere. The mornings are so beautiful right now I just came in from doing a bit of clean up out in the yard. I know that with the much cooler mornings lower temps are on the way but just not fast enough for most of us out this way.

  7. I can sympathize with what you are paying for the cost of medication. Back when Cozaar (a blood pressure-lowering medication) was under patent it was like $300.00 in the USA. I would cross the border into Mexico and pay $75.00 for a 30-day supply but I know not everyone has that option. What boggles my mind is why prescription drugs are cheaper in Mexico and Canada but not here at home.

    I am a member of AARP and they are always sending e-mails already composed to forward to my senators or local representatives. While I get an automatic reply I am sure that they don't even read them or for that matter care.

    I am like you I want a real cashier to check me out. Sometimes the line supervisors (don't know if that is their title) will try to drag me to the self-check-out but I tell them I have no idea how to use it so they are forced to do it for me.

    Hope your temperatures cool down soon.