Tuesday, January 18, 2022

New Year Clean Out And Stuff

 The weather hasn't been very nice lately to say the least. 

So I used that time to get things done.

Went through my files and shredded junk for 2hrs. of course that was reading a few things so as not to shred anything important. I had manuals from things I no longer had like for years already. That  trash bag sure was heavy.

Cleaned out some clothes, that weren't even worth donating and some yes so into a  plastic bag to give to charity.

I put a hem on the twin sheet for the camper as it hung to far down. Sewed pockets on 2 pair of those work out pants, need a pocket to carry cell phone.

Fixed the kitchen faucet so when the one I ordered comes it can be returned. Sure is nice to have water coming out of the thing full force instead of dribbles.

Today was shopping day at Super Walmart, I hate that kind of shopping. Needed things from there that the grocery store doesn't sell. They moved everything around just as Christmas shopping started who does that? Oh Walmart of course. Anyway things are still hard to find. I spent 2hrs walking in circles but I needed the exercise anyway. Then had to stop at ACE to get things I couldn't find in Walmart. 

By then I was to tired to move and still had to bring all the crap in the house. 

And of course it never fails just as I drag my dead butt into the house the pharmacy sends a message my script is ready. Maybe tomorrow.

It rained on an off most of the day but the hard stuff started right when I got home. That was nice.

Gas prices are climbing up again.

Good Night All


  1. Hi Jo, you had a busy day...I am like you dread bring stuff in once it's outside waiting. I have even invented in my mind only, this thing that brings in the groceries...like a grocery unloading robot, Well it's always good to get things organized and out with old...I put all my old receipts in a bad and each winter I use those to start my fire at night...good way to get rid of them but like you say have to put eyes on each one first.
    Hope the weather is good for you today.

  2. It feels good to get lots done. Tired, but a good tired.

  3. Hi Sondra,
    If you find a way to make that robot I'll buy one from you. I put the bags between the railing to the landing but then I have to pick them up again to get them in the house. And no matter how many times you tell them not to make the bags heavy it's like asking them to make them as heavy as they can, and the bags are mine! You receipts idea is fantastic. The weather is a little better today but it looked like rain again so did a quick run for my meds and some cheese to make a small egg plant parmesan.

    Hi Phyllis,

    Yes it feels great to get rid of all those useless papers.

  4. You got a lot done JO, I need to follow your example as I too need to shred a lot of documents.

    It has been a long time since I have been to Walmart since it is located on the opposite side of town.

    Gasoline prices are going up here as well but thankfully since I barely go anywhere I do not need any at this time.

  5. Hi MsBelinda,

    It was a royal pain doing it but it was time. I really don't like shopping at Walmart anymore the store is all changed and I walked around and around trying to find things. Like I said I needed the exercise but. Yes since I do very little driving these days so my gas last quite awhile.