Wednesday, June 22, 2022

The Big Storm

 The big storm that couldn't!. They said big storms all week starting Tue.. They lied what else is new. Yesterday as I was taking the trash down to the street I felt a few drops, by time a made it back up the driveway it stopped. This was 6:30am. . Around I think it was 1pm the wind came up and it got dark and it sounded like rain. Yep it was rain! I went out on the porch as it had cooled down and the breeze was wonderful. By time I settled down it was over, and the ground was as dry as can be. It can be bad if we get hit really hard and fast with rain as the ground is so dry and hard it will not absorb the water.

This morning I headed out early to do my shopping and a few items for my neighbor so I could beat the storm today. Well at least I beat the heat, but no storm.

And at least some prices have come down a bit, eggs came down on 18 pks. to $3.87 from $4.12  my coleslaw mix that showed 2.98 was back to normal price $1.98, I just think the stocker put them in the wrong place last week. So it was a better shopping trip today. But of course I didn't finish once again.

Tomorrow I am going to do some very early morning cooking to beat the heat once again. 

I did empty out the little freezer and just packed it into the regular freezer in case we lose power the food will take longer to defrost and while it doesn't use much electric it is still a bit of a savings.

Not much else going on. The temps haven't been as high but the humidity is up and is just plain nasty and had to switch over to the A/C as it was just to hot in the house even with all the fans running.

Good Night All!


  1. I hate storms but I know the rain is needed. Glad you're finding ways to beat the heat 😊 PS: I've been having trouble commenting on Blogger posts. Sometimes it tells me I have to log in to post a comment but it won't let me log in. It just keeps going in circles 🥺 I can at least read your posts - even if Google doesn't always let me add a comment.

    1. I actually love storms, when I was a very young child we lived in a very old house that had a big back porch. During storms my dad would take us out and watch the storms so we would learn to not be frightened. Afterwards we would look for shapes in the clouds.
      I do have my comments blocked until I click that they are OK I wonder if that has something to do with your problem?

    2. I don't think blocking comments until approved caused it. It happens on other Blogger blogs too. It thinks I'm not logged in and, when I click the button to log in, it doesn't let me log in. My screen flashes and I'm back at square one 😒

    3. I wonder if blogger has added this feature for what purpose I have no idea. Wish these comp. would leave things be. Didn't they every hear if it ain't broke leave it alone?

  2. We are due for our weekend rains, hope they are not violent like the last two....we need the rain but when it comes down so hard as you say it doesn't soak in it just rushes to the low spots...
    Enjoy the rest of the week!

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  4. Hope you don't have a problem like your last big storm. Right now it is saying 50% chance around 5pm we shall see. Been using the A/C because the humidity is so high the swamp box is proving it's name.
    Enjoy your week also!

  5. At least you have the "probability" of rain we have none until perhaps next week but do you think I believe them?

    Glad you got your shopping done and that some foods have gone down in price at your store. It always makes me feel better when I find a bargain. Our gas went down a couple of cents...every penny helps!

  6. Hi MsBelinda,
    We had some rain today not much but its a start. Of course there was supposed to more but it didn't materialize.
    I didn't get my shopping done but it will do for now. I wanted to get some cooking done early this morning and be finished with the oven by 7am and I did it. Have another meal I want to get in the oven in the morning and then I will have a few meals prepared to just pop in the microwave. Our gas just seems to go up never down.